About Andrea

Andrea’s journey and passion with health, wellness, and a love for helping others began over 20 years ago. An accomplished real estate agent in Virginia, she has served hundreds of clients in building, reselling and acquiring the home of their dreams. It was early on in her real estate career when she met the love of her life, Lenny London.
Together they built a strong faith-based family and love for helping others. While working with several health companies, in pursuit of a deeper knowledge and for the family’s optimal health, she realized her new passion for motivating others toward a healthier lifestyle and sharing God’s message of love with the world.
When Lenny developed cancer in December of 2001, their pursuit for alternative healing for the mind, body and spirit was solidified and a new mission was formed. Their life experience of finding different roads toward healing and prevention for Lenny and motivating others toward great health inspired her to want to educate others and make a positive impact. Today, Andrea shares these life experiences through various forms of media and speaking engagements.
Andrea & Lenny reside in Virginia Beach with their four children, Blake, Diana, Dylan & Jordan. They work toward creating a Wellness Ministry which will assist in sending people battling cancer to alternative places of healing including clinics in Mexico where Lenny had incredible success.